[Development] The place of QML

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Fri May 11 18:58:22 CEST 2012

What are we discussing, really?

It is clear that the answer "if you don't like the status of a module 
then you can contribute to it since its OSS etc" doesn't make happy many 
people whenever is written. Still, this is the case.

It would be also the case even after the scenario of Nokia stopping Qt 
development, the whole Qt being relicensed to BSD, Qt Commercial paying 
some kind of revolutionary tax... You name it. Still someone should go 
to that DONE module and develop it further, either by own initiative or 
paid by someone.

The great thing about Qt Project is that you don't need to oust Nokia or 
anybody or relicense anything to push a Qt module forward. You can Just 
Do It (or convince someone to do it, with nice words or green notes). 
You can do it inside the Qt Project game through bugs, patches, 
approvers, maintenance. You can even fork the code and work on it 
somewhere else, if you think that will help your goals. But remember, 
you still will need you or someone to work on it.

Another possibility is that Qt Commercial customers demand this service 
from their provider (Digia). They have a commercial relationship so if 
the deal is commercially viable it probably would happen. Since Digia 
seems to be clear about not forking existing Qr Project components, in 
that scenario they would probably become contributors of the module.

As you see there are many potential combinations.

Nokia has been asked to develop QWidget further many times, and the 
answer has been consistent every time: Nokia is happy with the DONE 
status and prefers to focus its resources in other areas that it 
considers benefit not only Nokia but the whole Qt Project in today's 
World. Nokia's investment in Qt is big (check 
http://www.macieira.org/blog/qt-stats/ ) therefore I'm not really sure 
the best approach is to put more pressure or requests in that direction. 
Why not asking others?

Do you agree? Great. You don't agree? No matter how long the discussion 
here, the end point is going to be the same: you are welcome to find the 
best way to get that component developed further. The Qt Project offers 
the tools for anybody willing to change this situation.


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