[Development] The place of QML

Jordi Pujol pisoengracia at gmail.com
Mon May 14 09:31:56 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I think starting a flame war against Qt/NoKia/Digia is not good for

My current position about Qt-project : I disagree with pushing so much
QML, and yes I also think is a "toy programming language", by now. It
has to evolve & mature a lot. Perhaps this point justifies so much work
on that line.

In the future, perhaps I have to use it for a mobile or embedded
development, but my biggest application, with 280+ dynamic-loading ui
files is too large and mature to change it now. It also manages a lot of
high populated grids ( 50+ columns, 60k rows ) and with QML... well I
didn't tried it, I don't like to shoot my feet ;-P

Somebody asked to have a good C++ - QML API, perhaps is the future, I'm
not a "Qt guru", but I give that my +1.

I was a Digia paying customer in the past. Now I'm not. But I think is
fair to pay for every useful code you get, so I'm trying to contribute
to qt-project in my spare time.

I don't pay for Qt library with money, I pay with my collaboration. If
Qt/Nokia/Digia make money selling the code with my contributions, I
think is fair enough : I use their code for free ( and the code from
other people contributing ), so : do I have to complain about this ?

And I think the option they "get our code and run" is just a little bit
a paranoic way of thinking...

Just my 2ct.

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