[Development] UDS feedback

casper.vandonderen at nokia.com casper.vandonderen at nokia.com
Mon May 14 10:15:55 CEST 2012

On 5/12/12 9:13 PM, "ext Girish Ramakrishnan" <girish at forwardbias.in>

>1. Qt SDK vs Ubuntu repo install - Currently, Qt SDK is a separate
>download from Nokia website. Ubuntu packages creator and Qt. This
>could cause confusion as to which to choose. I think the decision made
>here was that this is not entirely solvable since Qt SDK contains much
>more than creator and Qt (it has the sysroots and toolchains required
>for the devices). Is it possible for us to bundle sysroots and
>toolchains separately? That way, ubuntu repos can be the definitive
>place to download creator and qt.

In my opinion the Qt SDK currently is still "Nokia Qt SDK" (because of all
the Nokia toolchains and not including the Android toolchain by default,
and the docs are on doc.qt.nokia.com, not the DevNet).
I think we should make the Qt 5 SDK a proper qt-project.org SDK, so either
not including any toolchain and having packages for the toolchains, or
including the Android/iOS/whatever toolchain in the SDK directly

>2. Rename our qt5 tool binaries - the binary names of moc, uic, qmake
>conflict in qt3 and qt4. Now with qt5, we will have another conflict.
>Is it possible to rename all our tool binaries to be moc5, qmake5? Are
>Qt4 qmake and Qt5 qmake completely compatible (I think not). Ossi,

For qdoc we happen to have already done this, since the changes between
4.x and 5 are so big that we changed from qdoc3 to just qdoc (we can
easily make it qdoc5).


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