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Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
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On quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012 18.55.52, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Hi,
> Why do we mantain an outdated fork of phonon in qt5.git
> I am talking about the qtphonon repository.
> The Phonon team maintains phonon under the KDE umbrela, and the qtphonon
> repository is years behind.

It was created because of the modularisation. It was expected that the Phonon 
developers would pick it up. At one point, they indicated they'd like to use 
the Qt infrastructure, instead of the KDE infrastructure. Clearly, they've 
changed their minds.

> Is there a point taking time to still update this repository to make it work
> with Qt5?
> Should we not drop it and redirect to the KDE one instead?

I believe so. I don't think we can afford to have competing efforts in 
developing Phonon. The maintainership for it was turned over to the current 
developers inside KDE and they get to decide which infrastructure they want to 

As they have opted for the KDE infrastructure, I'd say we should remove the 
submodule link from qt5.git.

> The phonon from KDE requires cmake, and is AFAIK not ported yet to Qt5.
> But I don't think it makes sens for qt-project to release that outdated
> version of phonon with Qt5.

Well, the qtphonon.git repository does compile with Qt 5, and our Qt 5 
compatibility promise would require us to release at least the API that was 
available in Qt 4.

That said, it's really up to the Phonon maintainers to decide what to do. If 
they have different plans, there's little we can do.

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