[Development] The place of QML

Peter K├╝mmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Thu May 17 08:12:09 CEST 2012

On 16.05.2012 20:31, qtnext wrote:
> I am using Qt since 12 years or more... I have done a lot of work using qwidget, qgraphiscview, ....
> I have done some small apps with qml to display media : it works very well ... just the animation are a a litlle bit
> jerky and work not well on very small computer ...
> But now that Qt5 is here : the alpha seems very promising regarding performance ... and I have started a new big desktop
> application and I plan to use only Qml and it seems very promising .. I am sure that Quick2 is the way for new desktop
> application : We only need Qt desktop components, treeview, ... and it will rocks :)

Yes, that's the point. Most people don't care what happens under the hood (QWidget or QML)
when good desktop support is available. But currently for desktop apps you have the choice
between a "obsolete architecture" (Thiago) and an incomplete QML stack.

Non technicians don't care about if QWidget is done or not if it fits the needs,
but we are developers! We don't wanna use obsolete stuff with a
"architecture from the 90s" in times where "graphical technology has moved on" (Thiago).
But on the desktop we are forced to when we wanna a feature rich/complete framework.

So all the QML<->QWidget discussions are mainly because there is no complete Qml support on the desktop.

Desktop support has no high priority more anywhere.
It couldn't be so complex to make good Qml support on the desktop, simply throw
5 man years on it (shouldn't be impossible when there are already 200 Qt developers
at Nokia alone). But it doesn't happen because nobody wanna invest in the desktop.

So all you can do is using a system with a "obsolete architecture", diving deep
into QML and writing your own desktop elements, or waiting another one or two years.

And I don't like any of the options.


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