[Development] The place of QML

Иван Комиссаров abbapoh at gmail.com
Thu May 17 14:42:01 CEST 2012

Well, i do care about what happen to QWidgets. Maybe i'm old-fashioned (i'm 23 years old, heh), but i do have lot of code based on QWidgets. And that code works. So, you suggest me to thow away all code i've made, because QWidgets have bad design? And whst i got? Unfinished yet QML? Thanks, i'd better won't use Qt anymore.

I don't have anything against QML as a technology - it is really good idea. But it breaks existing code. And provides very few advantages instead - most animations i can implement using QAnimation classes. And desktop applications don't need those animations - even Mac has quite few animations - they don't animate _everything_. Most i see on my mac can be done using QWidgets.

I want to have my code working from now and forever (while qt lives). Alternate technologies are good while i can mix technologies (Qt Creator's start screen is a good example). I want to use beautiful, custom QML interface for contact list/chat window of my (hypotetical) IM Messenger, but i'd still prefer to use plain QWidget's for it's preferences windows and dialogs.
You're trying to tell me that i have to use QML everywhere. I don't like that.

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