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cristiano.di-flora at nokia.com cristiano.di-flora at nokia.com
Fri May 18 09:03:02 CEST 2012

Hi Quim,

I can (and would be happy to) arrange a session about QtPim APIs
(Contacts, Organizer, Versit) in 5.0 and changes / evolution of those APIs
from the QtMobility ones.
Gerrit / Git history for qtpim repo shows that the number of contributors
has been quite limited so far, so definitely a small room would be ok for
that session.
If somebody is interested, I am also open to adjust / create the agenda
for the session based on feedback given on this mailing list.
Cheers and see you soon in Berlin anyways ;)


Cristiano di Flora, PhD

SW Architect / Technical lead,

Nokia MP - Qt Software development

Visiokatu 3
33720, Tampere (FINLAND)

On 5/16/12 9:20 PM, "Gil Quim (Nokia-DXM/SiliconValley)"
<quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:

>On 05/15/2012 07:53 PM, ext Girish Ramakrishnan wrote:
>> I would like to preschedule a session to discuss the state of Qt5 on
>> various embedded devices. I can drive this session.
>OK, you got it. On Day 1, after lunch break.
>The assumption is that you will start explaining the latest efforts done
>on Qt in embedded, show some stuff and then open for questions &
>Girish convinced me to add also
>Qt in Desktop
>Qt Wayland
>as session deserving the big room & video recording. I can see the big
>interest in those, so they are listed now as well. We still need to
>confirm speakers, though.
>This made Qt Core, Qt GUI and Qt Network move to smaller rooms, which is
>fine. If you think these or other pre-scheduled session fit better in a
>small room for 30 people let me know, please.
>> Can we also have a sessions for Qt Widgets and Qt components? I can
>> drive the former but not the latter.
>We can pre-schedule Qt Widgets if you or someone wants to run a session
>explaining the current situation and showing how it works in Qt 5. It
>can be useful to have this recorded. If we are talking about a BoF type
>of session to discuss about the future etc then maybe a smaller roo is
>better and therefore no pre-scheduling is really needed.
>Qt Components (or whatever is the name for this) is one of the topics
>expected in the plenary session Betting on Qt Quick. The Desktop
>components project can have there a person to showcase and explain their
>work, just like we expect others to do the same.
>Spin-off sessions are expected since this is a very hot topic. Which
>ones should be pre-scheduled in the big room? Desktop components has the
>ingredients to be one: added to Day 2.
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