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after talking with Phonon developers quite some time back, it was agreed that Phonon would be using the qt-project infrastructure (the idea was to have them use either KDE or qt-project).
All seemed happy, until it became clear that we would require the CLA for new contributions for Phonon if it's hosted with qt-project.org.
Since then it has come to a stand-still I belive. I have the feeling that development will continue on KDE infrastructure, but I'd like to hear from the Phonon people themselves, also regarding their plans for Qt 5.


On 18. mai 2012, at 13.27, ext Stephen Kelly wrote:

> On Friday, May 18, 2012 10:43:18 you wrote:
>> Right, no attention from us and no attention from the phonon developers, at
>> least with respect for Qt 5 end-users. So, by it receiving 'attention' from
>> us now by simply removing the old "fork"  from the repo, it would only hurt
>> the end-user, making it harder for them to migrate over to Qt 5.
> Already some won't be able to migrate to 5.0. Some will need to wait anyway 
> for various reasons (eg X11 stuff). Waiting for phonon too isn't a big deal.
>> No, two phonons is a terrible idea :) However, it's the better of two evils,
>> were we currently have no migration path from Qt 4 phonon users to the
>> current upstream. Thus, keeping 'compatibility' by keeping the old phonon
>> around is better for the end-user IMO. Expert users can still nuke the
>> qt5.git one, and compile the upstream.
> Expert users can get the qtphonon.git themselves and use that. For everyone 
> else, there's upstream, and that's the future anyway, whether they ever 
> migrate to qt-project or not.
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