[Development] Quick2 and Directx11 backend (Angle)

qtnext qtnext at gmail.com
Sun May 20 11:00:33 CEST 2012


Is there any plan or work in progress to port Quick2 to DirectX11 (I 
suppose the best option is Angle project). I wants to develop 
application for digital signage and it's sure that Quick2 is the best 
options for that .. The only big problem is that I need hardware 
acceleration to play movie on very low end computer (atom, or amd g 
fusion).. It seems that for digital signage, embedded platform have 
better driver support for Windows than for Linux ... and the only option 
on Windows to have hardware acceleration is to use dxva that is DirectX 
only : so we have magic Quick2 Opengl Only, and on the other side the 
only way to have hardware decoding video is DirectX !
I suppose the same problem will happens with Windows Metro 8 application 
where it seems that Opengl is forbidden .

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