[Development] Proposal: Change Qt Slogan

lars.knoll at nokia.com lars.knoll at nokia.com
Tue May 22 10:58:06 CEST 2012

I'd appreciate if you could stop your ranting on the mailing list.

I believe most people here are happy to participate in constructive
discussions but your rants will not achieve anything.


On 5/22/12 10:53 AM, "ext d3fault" <d3faultdotxbe at gmail.com> wrote:

>I think we need a slogan change so as not to lie to our users.
>Old Slogan: Code Once. Create More. Deploy Everywhere.
>New Slogan: Code Once. Create More. Deploy Everywhere that supports
>OpenGL + v8.
>The reasons are self-explanatory.
>The v8 part might only be true for the 5.0.0 release... but it appears
>the OpenGL requirement is here for good.
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