[Development] Proposal: Change Qt Slogan

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Tue May 22 11:00:56 CEST 2012

Op 22-5-2012 10:53, d3fault schreef:
> I think we need a slogan change so as not to lie to our users.
Could you please stop trolling now? This is not constructive anymore.

Your comments have been heard, judging by the amount of people who 
responded in your many topics in this list, the forum and your comments 
on the blogs. We get it: you want to not have to use QML, and you feel 
you're entitled to get that. Fine. What you're achieving now is just 
putting in negative energy into the community. Do you really feel that 
posting comments like these will entice developers to considder your 
concerns more seriously? I think it is rather more likely that they will 
just try to ignore you, and I really hope it will stay at that. I hope 
such negative energy will not have larger effects, like turning away 
other contributors because they don't like the atmosphere in the project 

Again, your concerns are noted, and arguments have been exchanged both 
ways. Now it is time to either let it rest, since you are obviously not 
inclined to step up to contribute to solving your perceived issue yourself.


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