[Development] New maintainer for QtSql and QtXmlPatterns

lars.knoll at nokia.com lars.knoll at nokia.com
Tue May 22 11:59:42 CEST 2012

Hi everybody,

Honglei has so far been the maintainer for QtSql and QtXmlPatterns. He is
now leaving Nokia to start some studies and has told me that he can't
continue to maintain the modules.

I've been looking around for two new maintainers for these modules and
found two people that I'd like to propose them here. Mark Brand for QtSql
and Juha Vuolle for QtXmlPatterns.

Mark has been doing many active contributions to QtSql over the last half
a year. Juha might now have been as visible in the community (he's mainly
been doing some contributions to qtlocation) but I know him for a very
good and talented developer that can easily take over the module.

I'd like to thank Honglei for the work he has done on the modules, and
Mark and Juha for stepping up and volunteering to take over the


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