[Development] Current qt5 version from git does not compile

Brett Stottlemyer brett at stottlemyer.com
Thu May 24 22:58:30 CEST 2012

I wrote
>I’m having a similar issue, but a bit farther off the beaten path.  I’m on
VS2008, but trying to cross compile for Wince.

Found the issue.  

The problem was the parameters for syncqt.  The link Rohan posted had stuff
Project MESSAGE: c:\test\recipes\187508955\base\qtbase\bin\syncqt.bat -qtdir
C:\test\recipes\187508955\base\qtbase -module-fwd
C:\test\recipes\187508955\base\qtbase/mkspecs/modules -developer-build
-generator MSBUILD -outdir C:/test/recipes/187508955/base/qtjsbackend

Mine had:
Project MESSAGE: c:\_Qt5\jnk\qtbase\bin\syncqt.bat -module-fwd
C:/_Qt5/jnk/qtjsbackend/module-paths/modules -cache-module-fwd -generator
MSVC.NET -outdir C:/_Qt5/jnk/qtjsbackend C:/_Qt5/src/qtjsbackend

Of note, the -qtdir parameter isn't set, so the .pri "modules" were being
put in a module-paths folder under each subdirectory, rather than in
qtbase/mkspecs/modules.  Setting QTDIR to the qtbase of my shadow build dir
fixed the problem.

I also found the tips from the following blog helpful:

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