[Development] JIRA changes

mark.keir at nokia.com mark.keir at nokia.com
Tue May 29 08:21:33 CEST 2012

Can the proponents of triaging expand on the concept of triaging and what circumstances might lead someone to become a Triager (we have a group, project role and permission level ready to apply to the concept)?

In recent weeks, there have been some changes to JIRA with an aim towards lowering the barrier of access to the system.

Permission changes: 
1) "Current Assignee" has had greatly expanded system access allowed providing almost equivalent access to an Approver in JIRA.  The ability to link, edit, close and resolve issues have all been enabled for the issue assignee
2) The "Users" group (all logged in users) can now be assigned an issue.  That means all >15.7K users in the system can be assigned an issue, and as the current assignee, effectively use the system much as any Approver might.  Please make sure your full/display name is meaningful as its going to be hard to find you amongst this many people in the drop down box.
3) Creation of a "Triagers" role with permissions to assign users.

This builds a progressive enablement of system access.
Anonymous - can see issues
Users (Contributors) - can raise and comment on issues, see linked source code through Fisheye plugin and be assigned issues
Current Assignee - can edit issues and progress them through the workflow
Triager - can assign issues
Engineer (Approver) - can do all the previous roles and some other specialized things like Watcher management.
[couple of other roles not worth dwelling on at the moment]

Some more detail on the criteria to become a Triager, the process involved, the communication mechanism used etc would be appreciated to complete enabling this capability.

Project changes:
1) The main project category has been renamed and a new "Qt Projects category" established.  This is simple housekeeping around historical core Qt offerings and newer community projects
2) QTPLAYGROUND project created and a single component and version have been established as the minimal criteria to allow completion of compulsory issue fields.

The new project was delayed by approval workflow impediments related to enacting the permission changes.  As it was, creating the new project would have been impossible.  When Components are created a Component Lead, who needs to be assignable, is also populated.  As the people asking for the "qtserialport" component for instance are not approvers (ie not assignable under the previous setup), they couldn't have issues assigned to them.


Please, if you have work requests, like the QTPLAYGROUND project discussion that has taken place, raise the issue in the QTJIRA project.  That is the proper mechanism for the request to be found to start with, then tracked and worked on.

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