[Development] JIRA changes

shane.kearns at accenture.com shane.kearns at accenture.com
Tue May 29 12:42:47 CEST 2012

> This builds a progressive enablement of system access.
> Anonymous - can see issues
> Users (Contributors) - can raise and comment on issues, see linked
> source code through Fisheye plugin and be assigned issues Current
> Assignee - can edit issues and progress them through the workflow
> Triager - can assign issues Engineer (Approver) - can do all the
> previous roles and some other specialized things like Watcher
> management.
> [couple of other roles not worth dwelling on at the moment]
> Some more detail on the criteria to become a Triager, the process
> involved, the communication mechanism used etc would be appreciated to
> complete enabling this capability.

I'd suggest nomination by an approver.
This covers both the elevation of a user (based on doing the work in JIRA comments but getting somebody else to press the workflow buttons), and delegation to a team member (for larger development teams e.g. in Nokia/Digia)

The responsibilities of a Triager are less than an Approver, so the nomination process shouldn't be more difficult.

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