[Development] (Harmattan) Qt Quick Components & Qt 5

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Thu May 31 11:44:52 CEST 2012

> We are planning to merge apps.formeego to maemo.org and
> launch build.obs.maemo.org and maemo.org extras/extras-devel for Harmattan
> for more centralized build and distribution.

Err... What about the packages (>450) we already have in the community
repository ? Nobody came to the Community Repository maintainers,
including me, to ask such things. At least, I have not heard of this
yet, though, admittedly, I have not been too active recently either.
Please do not make the porting too much effort.

> One issue is that there is not currently centralized community repository
> for Harmattan.

We have established one almost a year ago. It has always been
mentioned on the frontpage of the Harmattan community wiki. This is
used by many people around.

> If everything goes as planned, we have build.obs.maemo.org as common
> buildbot and Qt5 + components and many other future things will be on
> maemo.org extras repository.

Why another extra repository ? :o We have been having a Community
Repository which can be used. Why yet another ? I would suggest to
collaborate more, and fix shortcomings, if needed.

> We could also modify apps.formeego client so that it automatically
> installs dependency to extras repository.

Yes, that should be a simple modification.

> I am at the moment working to get Harmattan Qt5 compiling with OBS but
> there has been some serious obstacles that I have not yet found answer.

Heh, yeah, I can imagine. ;) Working with OBS and half-baked stuff are
sometimes not so simple. I had some frustrating times with kdelibs
back then, and that was not even half-baked. Although, the Harmattan
target on OBS was. :-)

> I don't think that Qt5 will be for Ovi applications because Qt5 for
> Harmattan will
> be as "cummunity supported" and therefore it will be only for
> community applications.

I do not think we should ignore Ovi and our customers, the phone
users. They are more than the hackers and developers around. The only
way, how I see this, is to make the client available by default on the
firmware. Otherwise the first interface will be Ovi for ordinary
users. I would not like to ignore them. I am sure they would not
figure out the community route that way.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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