[Development] (Harmattan) Qt Quick Components & Qt 5

Kate Alhola kate.alhola at gmail.com
Thu May 31 12:19:18 CEST 2012

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Laszlo Papp <lpapp at kde.org> wrote:
>> We are planning to merge apps.formeego to maemo.org and
>> launch build.obs.maemo.org and maemo.org extras/extras-devel for Harmattan
>> for more centralized build and distribution.
> Err... What about the packages (>450) we already have in the community
> repository ? Nobody came to the Community Repository maintainers,
> including me, to ask such things. At least, I have not heard of this
> yet, though, admittedly, I have not been too active recently either.
> Please do not make the porting too much effort.

As I mentioned, it is idea, not yet confirmed decision. I hope that it
can happen.
We have discussed idea together with maemo.org maintainers but there has
not been any public announcement because there is nothing yet to announce except
that Nokia is planning to sponsor obs server for maemo,org .

I am sorry that there has not been so much discussion and the discussion may not
reached all that should know. It just looks that meego.com community is
very quiet now a days but there is much more life on maemo.org

There is just no sense that small mobile qt community is fragmented all around
different sites.

>> One issue is that there is not currently centralized community repository
>> for Harmattan.
> We have established one almost a year ago. It has always been
> mentioned on the frontpage of the Harmattan community wiki. This is
> used by many people around.

There is no plan to shut down any repository and anyhow meego.com
stuff in is not in our (Nokia) hands in good or bad, so we can't either
remove or add anything there.

>> If everything goes as planned, we have build.obs.maemo.org as common
>> buildbot and Qt5 + components and many other future things will be on
>> maemo.org extras repository.
> Why another extra repository ? :o We have been having a Community
> Repository which can be used. Why yet another ? I would suggest to
> collaborate more, and fix shortcomings, if needed.

The idea was that we could grow maemo.org common Open Mobile site
not just limited on MeeGo . We don't have anything against collaboration
we just would like to see mobile Qt community having even one common

Once again, our plan is not take anything out but just contribute some
new resources. I am very open to all discussions to all communities
but once again, new we have two or three partly overlapping
communities, maemo.org, meego.com and kde.org ?

>> We could also modify apps.formeego client so that it automatically
>> installs dependency to extras repository.
> Yes, that should be a simple modification.
>> I am at the moment working to get Harmattan Qt5 compiling with OBS but
>> there has been some serious obstacles that I have not yet found answer.
> Heh, yeah, I can imagine. ;) Working with OBS and half-baked stuff are
> sometimes not so simple. I had some frustrating times with kdelibs
> back then, and that was not even half-baked. Although, the Harmattan
> target on OBS was. :-)

Now I try track down virtual memory exhausted issue, I have heard
that it has also appeared around.

>> I don't think that Qt5 will be for Ovi applications because Qt5 for
>> Harmattan will
>> be as "cummunity supported" and therefore it will be only for
>> community applications.
> I do not think we should ignore Ovi and our customers, the phone
> users. They are more than the hackers and developers around. The only
> way, how I see this, is to make the client available by default on the
> firmware. Otherwise the first interface will be Ovi for ordinary
> users. I would not like to ignore them. I am sure they would not
> figure out the community route that way.

I agree on that as OSS developer myself. I understand however that
there are some legal issues need to be resolved. Mostly about
Quality assurance and liability. If there is good proposal from
community, I will
support it and i will work for getting it there but I can't promise that
it can be done.

On y personal opinion, we had so good experience on maemo.org

As summary, mo decisions made on any direction but at first step
nokia is planning to sponsor obs server to maemo.org infrastructure
to support multiple Meego and non-meego platforms.

We are open to ideas how have common place where users and
community developer can find and publish community mobile applications.
using maemo.org is one idea.


> Best Regards,
> Laszlo Papp

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