[Development] Preparing to release repackaged version of Qt 4.8.3 with Digia copyrights

Turunen Tuukka Tuukka.Turunen at digia.com
Thu Oct 4 15:11:19 CEST 2012

On 4.10.2012 16.02, "Rafael Roquetto" <rafael.roquetto at kdab.com> wrote:

>Basically what you are doing is telling everyone there is no further

That is incorrect. What I said is that we can either release 4.8.3-1 now
as the installers are ready, or make adjustments and release later.

My preference is towards releasing now and making proper 4.8.4 (with more
content) later. It is true that getting the security fix in is also
valuable and then we certainly need to call it 4.8.4.

>My point is, it is not about leaving the users without the given changes.
>the contrary, I even suggested that yet another super critical patch gets
>included (SSL), even though this means we are deviating from the standard
>release workflow. The main goal here is to benefit the users. As I said
>before, it's an excepcional case, but there is still the wrong way and the
>right way. The right way is naming it 4.8.4.

No argument there. It will just mean that we need to use more time to get
the release out.

>I fail to understand the resistance on Digia's side to at least
>rationally discuss the
>other proposed solutions to the problem. It is on the interest of
>Instead, what we get are assertive answers stating what we already know,
>imposing some arbitrary options.

Discussing is fine. We just should have started it a bit earlier. And
eventually we need to also make decisions.

>Furthermore, it still makes me wonder what is the big deal with
>your already packaged packages. Shouldn't it be done automatically, i.e.
>machine time? Care to elaborate?

It is mainly testing effort to see we have not broken anything. Although
we have a lot of automation, it still takes a long time.



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