[Development] New proposal for the tool naming

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sat Oct 20 01:38:53 CEST 2012

On sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012 01.31.18, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> What's "-qt5" ? Latest Qt 5.x.y available? A shorthand for "qmake
> -qt=5.0.0"? Something else?

The latest available or some pre-configured alias. I was hoping to leave that 
part for later, until I implement this tool.

My current idea is to have this tool backed by multiple files, stored in 
/etc/xdg/qmake and ~/.config/qmake. Therefore, the "5" version might be a 
symlink to another file.

This also allows distributions to install and remove multiple Qt versions by 
just dropping the file in or taking it out.

> Also, why not use pkg-config --list-all and simply look for everything
> called "libqt-x.y.z" or alike? (I know, I know, no external dependencies is
> an advantage and this new qmake is very easy to implement but still...)

a) I don't want to depend on pkg-config
b) that's not what pkg-config was designed for
c) that requires installing one more .pc file, in addition to the ones we have
d) the location of this pkg-config install is most likely *different* from 

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