[Development] Heads up for Windows devs: ANGLE landing soon

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> > Sounds great!
> > But I thought it should only work with mingw-w64 (support directx9),
> > not mingw.org<http://mingw.org>, that right?
> That's correct. I'll make sure the documentation is up-to-date on that point.
> Myself and Kai have it working using the MinGW-Builds flavor of MinGw
> which as I understand, uses the compiler from mingw.org, but the CRT and
> WinAPI from mingw-w64. 

I'm pretty sure that the compiler e.g. in mingw-builds is just a stock gcc.

> There is some investigation going on about which
> version of MinGW we should include in the SDK. You can see some of the
> details here:
> http://qt-project.org/wiki/MinGW-64-bit

I agree with Jason: I think ANGLE is yet another (strong) reason to go for MinGW-w64 based distribution. I'd personally recommend MinGW-builds, since this is the one most active people here in Qt are working with :)

IMO we should keep Qt 5.0 compiling with Mingw.org (4.7 gcc), but not endorse it any more. 

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