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liuyanghejerry liuyanghejerry at 126.com
Thu Aug 15 03:09:03 CEST 2013

Well, I'm interested in websocket. Since websocket has been one of the 
most popular protocols among internet, espcially in real-time based 
websites. It's good to see it in Qt, no matter as add-on or directly in 
the source.

But in my own opinion, add-on may loss support during version bump of 
Qt. Last time I checked around add-ons, there were still some of them 
remain in 4.8.

BTW, there's another implementation of websocket in Qt[1], I have no 
idea what's the difference of yours and this one.


? 2013/8/15 8:20, Kurt Pattyn ??:
> Hi Peter,
> On 14 Aug 2013, at 18:32, Peter Hartmann <phartmann at blackberry.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> thanks for the effort!
>> On 08/14/2013 05:54 PM, Kurt Pattyn wrote:
>>> (...)
>>> 1. Is there any interest in adding this to Qt?
>> yes, please :)
>>> 2. If so, should this be added to QtNetwork or is a add-on preferred?
>> My first impression is that it is not extensively used by big sites (yet), is it? So I would rather go for an add-on for now, but I am of course open to be convinced otherwise.
> I don't have figures about the popularity of websockets, so I cannot tell. Going for an add-on seems acceptable, given the large install base of Qt.
>> Also apparently the API is rather big (5 classes with lots of methods), so adding it as an add-on (first) might be something to consider as well, in case we want to change the API even after the review or so...
> Well, the API for the end-user consists in fact only of 2 classes: one for client applications (WebSocket class, comparable to QTcpSocket), and one for server applications (WebSocketServer class). The APIs are modelled after QAbstractSocket resp. QTcpServer, so the learning curve should be minimal.
> However, you have a point that it might be better to add it to the add-ons, in order to get a 'feeling' if it fits the main library or not (I suppose customers will tell).
> BTW: I only received 2 responses to this mail: does that mean, this is not important enough to be considered for inclusion? I am a bit confused about how to proceed. Do I just dump the code into gitorious, and wait for reactions? Do I leave it where it is? (BTW, Shane already reviewed some of the code, which is awesome; thanks Shane).
> Kurt
>> Peter
>>> Best regards,
>>> Kurt Pattyn
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