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Yes, I know about the project. About a year ago, I started using that, but it was not fit for purpose. I needed to transmit large quantities of CT and mammography images, and it was too slow (the reason was that the implementation does not send the data frame per frame, but captures all the data in a list, and once complete sends it over).
Also, on the receiving side it only had signals for received frames, and not for complete messages (and there is nowhere an indication if a frame is the last one in a message or not).
Furthermore, there is no to little error checking, nor is there checking on valid UTF-8 sequences (and this is still the case after a quick look into the code). And then there were the severe memory leaks.
So, the code was full of problems. I started improving it, but very fast I realised that I was just rewriting it. Therefore, I started with a clean slate.
I see that there are still a lot of updates to the code, to fix bugs and memory leaks.

QWebSockets passes the Autobahn FuzzingClient Testsuite, on all major browsers, including Safari Mobile, and IE7/8/9 (with ChromeFrame), and the Autobahn FuzzingServer TestSuite; only failure is 'non-standard' handling for Unicode non-control characters, but that is perfectly acceptable - see the Rationale on the GitHub page; the problem is in the QTextDecoder class.

Regarding add-on or not, I let Shane decide what seems most feasible.

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> Well, I'm interested in websocket. Since websocket has been one of the most popular protocols among internet, espcially in real-time based websites. It's good to see it in Qt, no matter as add-on or directly in the source.
> But in my own opinion, add-on may loss support during version bump of Qt. Last time I checked around add-ons, there were still some of them remain in 4.8.
> BTW, there's another implementation of websocket in Qt[1], I have no idea what's the difference of yours and this one.
> [1]:https://gitorious.org/qtwebsocket

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