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On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 2:46 AM, Alexander Rössler <mail.aroessler at gmail.com
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> Hello Qt developers,
> Is this the right place to post my idea for GSoC 2013? If it is so please
> let me know. The idea would be about build server with that developers
> could easily create applications binaries and packages for different
> platforms. I currently have a semi-automatic attempt with bash and bat
> scripts running for Linux, Windows and Mac.
> Best Regards
> Alexander Rössler

Hi Alexander

First of all I should say congratulations for the great idea. I have seen
two similar systems so far: Open Build Service and Launchpad. Former one is
cross-distribution and later one only compiles Ubuntu packages. Seems no
cross-platform, open-source build system is available. It would be nice to
have one :)

Personally I'm experiencing so many troubles with deploying my Qt-based
program for Win / Linux / Mac. This becomes even more complicated if taking
care of hardware architectures, optimizations, Qt versions and different
configs of the framework.

Since Qt is cross-platform enough, I think it can be a good candidate for
starting point of first cross-platform build system.
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