[Development] #error for unreleased MSVC versions

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>> On quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013 16:09:37, Yves Bailly wrote:
>> > While I understand the reasoning about binary compatibility, in my
>> > humble opinion such a drastic change should be at least deactivable,
>> > for example by adding a switch to "configure", something like
>> > "-ignore-binary-compatibility". This way older versions of Qt would
>> > still be compilable (assuming no other compile error).
>> As replied to André: to re-enable compilation, delete one line from
>> qcompilerdetection.h.
>Here's an idea to blend this with the discussions about our 'Tier'
>platforms: We implement this as a configure check , and hard code checks
>for our 'supported' platforms there . We do that not only for MSVC, but
>for other compilers too (for instance for MinGW from Mingw.org ;).
>Failing the check would bring a warning along the lines of:
>You're trying to compile Qt with an unsupported toolchain/compiler. Qt
>might not compile, the generated binaries might be broken, or not be
>binary compatible with older builds.
>Exiting. Pass --unsupported-toolchain to overwrite this check.

Please do this instead of adding the #error in qcompilerdetection. I don¹t
think it¹s a good idea that people have to have Qt headers to get it to
compile on a newer version of the compiler. Forcing people to acknowledge
the fact at configure time is a better approach.


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