[Development] The dark side of QtMultimedia

Lopes Yoann Yoann.Lopes at theqtcompany.com
Tue Nov 18 12:31:36 CET 2014

?The gst-0.10 backend is not going away, we'll still have it along gst-1.0. It was decided to do a soft release for the gst-1.0 port. In Qt 5.5, gst-0.10 will still be used by default, Qt will have to be configured with some option to enable gst-1.0. It will then become the default backend in Qt 5.6 and gst-0.10 will be optional. That way, we'll avoid potential regressions for the majority of people.

I'll merge the gstreamer-1.0 branch to dev sometime this week. I'm still doing some testing.




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