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On 14/10/2014 08:01, Koehne Kai wrote:
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>> I don't have an "authoritative" answer, but one possible option would be an
>> sub-module that contains the assets for examples or (easier?) separate the
>> Qt 3d examples and their assets into a standalone git repository.
> Keep in mind though that this will only help users that clone & build from git. People using the tar balls, prebuilt binaries , will still suffer, because (at least so far) we split up only the toplevel repositories .
> I'm not sure how 'big' big is in your case, but if it's an issue I'd rather go for another toplevel module . IMO there's a much better chance also e.g. Linux distributions will package this separately.

Good point. This would then be analogous to the webkit-examples repo 
too. It also means we can keep some simple light-weight examples in the 
main Qt3D repo.

Could I kindly propose, and if approved, request the creation of a 
qt3d-examples module please? Is it sufficient to do that here or do I 
also need to file a sysadmin JIRA task?

Many thanks in advance,


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