[Development] Qt Speech in Qt 5.6

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at theqtcompany.com
Fri May 8 14:59:22 CEST 2015


I'd like to propose inclusion of QtSpeech in Qt 5.6.

Currently the module implements text to speech on Lin/Win/OS X/Android and 
there is a patch for iOS which needs to be re-done but works as proof of 
My only concern is currently the license of speech-dispatcher which is at the 
moment used on Linux. They just changed the license everywhere to LGPL, but 
this change has not yet been released. That means for the time being the 
module would be LGPL only on Linux, we are planning to look into alternative 
synthesizers though.

I have some great news in addition to this: Code-Q will help us to improve the 
module and work on adding speech recognition to it.

Initially it will be based on pocket-sphinx and developed directly on 
codereview.qt-project.org in a branch in 
We hope that even the speech recognition part can be part of the 5.6 release, 
but that will have to be decided later.

I'd appreciate code reviews from interested parties, especially if you have 
knowledge  in the speech recognition area already. We want to provide a great 
API after all.


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