[Development] Binary compatibility for qtestlib

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Okay, thanks - that sounds good to me. The change in particular that I was thinking of is


It could be done without breaking BC but it's easier if we can :)


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Lately development of testlib picked up again and I've been wondering: the api consists of a fair amount of macros that call "internal" functions. It would be convenient to change the signature of those while maintaining source compatibility, however it would naturally break the ABI.

On the one hand testlib is certainly not relevant for app deployment, otoh it is part of binary Qt distributions.

So do we maintain binary compatibility for testlib‎?

In the past we haven't tried to maintain binary compatibility for testlib, on the premise that tests generally don't get deployed to production systems and that binary compatibility can sometimes be an impediment to innovation.  This is a decision made long, long ago (it was already well established when I joined Trolltech in 2005).  If the premise is no longer valid, we can revisit it.

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