[Development] Tagging private symbols as such

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Dec 5 20:13:59 CET 2016

Em segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2016, às 15:46:43 PST, Lisandro Damián 
Nicanor Pérez Meyer escreveu:
> Hi! Some time ago Thiago made possible to tag private symbols as such, at
> least on Linux. We have found some more symbols that need this tag
> (QTBUG-57060) and I'm tracking a possible new set on fcitx-qt5.
> I would love to try and patch this but I definitely can't remember what was
> the tag that one should add to the right .pro file in order to get this
> achieved. Can anyone help my bad memory here?

I'm not sure the QPA symbols should be marked as private API. But maybe they 
should be.

Anyway, there's no tag. It really depends on the scanning done by the 
mkspecs/features/data/unix/findclasslist.pl. It is given the header list by 
mkspecs/features/qt_module.prf, which in turn uses the list creatd by 
syncqt.pl and stored in include/<modulename>/headers.pri.

The code in qt_module.prf does not take QPA into account. It assumes that a 
module only has private headers and non-private headers, which doesn't hold 
true for QtGui.


        for(header, SYNCQT.PRIVATE_HEADER_FILES): \
            verscript_content += "    @FILE:$${_PRO_FILE_PWD_}/$$header@"

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