[Development] [QtMultimedia] Still is supported, active?

Andy Nichols Andy.Nichols at qt.io
Wed Jul 20 22:38:58 CEST 2016

Hi Denis,

This type of mail in not constructive at all, and is not appropriate on this list.

You could propose your concerns about your bug on the bug tracker and this mailing list without the personal attacks on a Qt Project developer.

There is active development on the QtMultimedia module even now in the vacation season:


And your claim that the QtMultimedia maintainer Yoann is somehow not doing his job is dead wrong:


It's not right for you to try shame a fellow developer about someone on the public mailing list just because you are upset your bug is not being fixed.

Not cool.

Andy Nichols

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Hi guys,

I write the angry letter concerning fixing of errors in QtMM the module.
Sorry, but I have no more patience to be silent.

This module contains a set of *critical* errors, some of which aren't
not fixed within 6 months. For example, currently
it is impossible to use QtMM > 5.6 in Windows for video playback, e.g:

This epic bug was introduces in 5.6 and above, though in 5.5.1 it works

I had an impression that the maintainer of QtMM (Yoann Lopes) has become
deaf, has become blind, or just ignores any task in the bug tracker. WTF?

As I know he is working in Qt's company (at least from e-mail), receives
  for his work, but does nothing.. WTF?

WTF? If you don't support this module - then, please, remove away him to
devils, to hell.

Thanks for attension.


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