[Development] [QtMultimedia] Still is supported, active?

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Thu Jul 21 13:31:55 CEST 2016

Hello, Everyone.

> If you want this bug fixed, or to improve the QtMM quality there are far better ways:

> - Get a Qt support license from the Qt Company and raise the issue
> to them. They very often help raising important customer issues like
> this one to P1 since in the end, it's that money that pays Qt Company developers.
> - Try to fix the issue yourself. You already did more than many
> users by bisecting the issue, thanks for that. But if this issue is
> really a showstopper like you say, it can't be that Yoan is the only
> person in the world that can and would be willing to fix it.
> - Hire somebody to fix the bug. We at Woboq can help fixing nasty
> issues like those in a very reasonable timeframe, KDAB does so as well.

Here is also one important detail. If Denis need to decide to hire someone he need information about plans of fixing the bug.
If he need to wait 1/2 year to get estimation that this bug is not going to be fixed in nearest months this can make him piss off. Easy imaginable!

If "Fix Version" is filled by Yoann Lopes 6 months ago then he will get this estimation and can decide to hire Woboq or someone else to fix or whatever.
Currently he is in "floating"/unstable/non-informative situation. So less reasons to act smart and more food for emotional letters.
If this situation looks fine for maintainers then there is no sense in shutting up Denis. What to expect? People cry/insult if it hurts and no one listen. So predictable!

Maintainers need to think about bug-reporters ALSO ... and keep bug-reporters in stable state.
Imagine if for this bug "Fix Version" was filled with "Qt 6.0" then Denis Shienkov will get estimation of what waits him. And he can act.
If for some reasons this estimation will be changed by maintainer to let's say 6.5 (or 5.10) then bug-reporter will send email notification to Denis
about change of attitude to the bug he care about. Easy!

So IMHO here we have violation of Best Practices of bug-tracking from maintainer
and emotional angry-letter as the result of 1/2 year influence of this violation on bug-reporter. Simple!

That is why I propose to create query in bug-tracker which will show up such violations.
This is not about fixing bugs ... this is about respecting from maintainer’s side the bug-tracker fields which need to be filled and which influences bug-reporters.

Just fill 3 fields.

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