[Development] qtgamepad Support for Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver+Controller

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  1.  I’ve not confirmed if QtGamepad works for Windows Server 2012 (not sure what kernel that is, but not a supported platform that I know of).  Should world anyway though.
  2.  Yes, QtGamepad definitely works with Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.  It is designed to after the SDL Gamepad API which makes all game controllers look/map to Xbox 360 controllers.
  3.  This is actually expected behavior.  The Configuration example depends on the backend supporting re-mapping.  That only works with the evdev backend.  The Xinput backend doesn’t support configuring the mapping of the controller, but you shouldn’t need to giving that you already are using a supported controller.  Rather if you want different aliases for buttons pressed you would handle that in your applications.
  4.  That combination is known to work (that’s what I wrote it for/with).  I was not using the server version of windows, but rather the standard Windows 7, 8, 10 kernels.

Actually Base of what you said things sound like they are working already.  I think there is an existing bug report for the Xinput backend for not reporting connecting and disconnecting properly.  It still should handle multiple connected controllers and the inputs for each, but might not send the connected and disconnected signals.

I guess I should also mention that this mailing list isn’t the correct place for this kind of inquiry, as this is about the development of Qt, and not the usage of Qt.

Andy Nichols

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This is my first post to qt-project mailing list.
The information provided on https://github.com/qt/qtgamepad states:
Supported Platforms: Native Backends
Linux (evdev)
Window (xinput)

I aim to develop QTgamepad on Windows Server 2012R2.

1.) Has the latest QTgamepad build been confirmed to function with Windows Server 2012R2?
2.) Has the latest QTgamepad build been confirmed to function with Xbox Controllers?

Currently QTgamepad 5.7.1 on Windows Server 2012R2 fails to operate correctly.
The "Qt Gamepad Configure Buttons Example" compiles and runs, but the connected Gamepads drop down never populates.
However, the values for the gamepad input accurately reflect button and stick status.

It seems that something is not properly functioning with the "GamepadManager.connectedGamepads".

3.) Any advice for troubleshooting?
4.) Is there a recommended Windows Operating System known to work with the latest QTgamepad build and Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver+Controller?

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