[Development] swapEGLBuffers() : 135 : QQNX: failed to swap EGL buffers, err=12301 on QNX with Qt-5.3.2

James McDonnell jmcdonnell at blackberry.com
Tue Jun 13 15:54:41 CEST 2017

Hi Prashant,

Is your application performing a rapid sequence of resizing operations on
the EGL window that leaves the size of the window unchanged?  We recently
discovered that this can cause the QNX Qt platform code to produce this
problem.  I haven't had a chance to upstream the fix for it yet.  We also
haven't updated the Qt that QNX produces (which I think is what you're

You might be able to get around the problem if you can give the
application a chance to draw between resize operations.


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>Hi All,
>I am using QNX with Qt-5.3.2 and found below issue and crash:
>FAULT - qqnxeglwindow.cpp : void QQnxEglWindow::swapEGLBuffers() : 135
>: QQNX: failed to swap EGL buffers, err=12301
>When I checked on internet for this issue, it was referenced that when
>Qnx window does not find EGL surface to paint this issue occurs but I
>have an EGL display surface only and not sure why this error occurs.
>This issue has occurred only twice on release build and I could not
>get the back-trace.
>This seems to be QNX issue as an application software with QT, we do
>not directly deal with swapEGLBuffers.
>Please let me know if anyone has faced similar issue or know how to
>fix this issue.
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