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Pasi Keränen pasi.keranen at qt.io
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I agree 100% with the need to have a place to store beautiful demos and examples. And I agree with Sean’s large file support need as Qt 3D Studio examples and demos will also depend on having access to large textures and hdr textures to make things look nice. Even 2D examples can require “large” resources when you are striving to create beautiful results.

I’m not 100% sure about qtdoc as the repo though. But I can live with it if that is what is seen as best option by others.


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On 14/06/2017, 15.15, "Development on behalf of Sean Harmer" wrote:

    On Wednesday 14 June 2017 13:18:35 Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > We recently had a discussion in the Qt Company about how we can improve the
    > first use experience of Qt and one important aspect are the examples and
    > demos.
    > We have a lot of examples that are limited by the Qt module they live in,
    > for example not making use of ready made buttons in Qt Quick. To allow
    > examples to use any Qt module while keeping the build system clean (no
    > cyclic dependencies between modules), I'd like to propose using the qtdoc
    > module to gather fresh and beautiful examples.
    > We currently have a few bigger examples already that would fit this category
    > and plan to invest more into good looking nice and welcoming examples to
    > give new Qt users a positive first impression.
    > Of course we could create a new repo, but considering that we have an
    > existing repo which did contain the demo launcher previously and which is
    > ready to be used, I'd propse going with it, while the name is not perfect.
    > It's already part of the infrastructure and qt5.git, so this seems like an
    > easy way to go forward.
    I agree that we need something like this. Ideally we also need support for 
    git-lfs or some other mechanism for handling large files. Particularly for Qt 
    3D, getting "nice looking" results often requires HDR textures for environment 
    maps and often other texture inputs too.
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