[Development] Examples and Demos in qtdoc

Joerg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at qt.io
Thu Jun 15 09:53:31 CEST 2017

On 14/06/2017 14:59, Pasi Keränen wrote:

> I’m not 100% sure about qtdoc as the repo though. But I can live with it if that is what is seen as best option by others.

There are two kinds of examples:
   1. Simple examples demonstrating the use of a certain technique.
      Those usually come with detailed source code documentation.
   2. Complex examples demonstrating much of the bling that's possible.
      Those are not source-documented, because writing the docs would be
      too laborious, and who would want to read them anyway.

I believe that examples of category 1 should live in the qdoc repository 
/ in their respective module repository. Examples of category 2 deserve 
a separate space.

The "bigger examples" from Frederik's original mail are category 2. In 
Qt4 those were called "demos". There could be a "qtdemos" repo with git-lfs.

In qtwebengine there's this question bobbing up every once in a while 
what to do with the demobrowser example. As an example, it actually 
needs source documentation. But it's too big. There are voices that want 
to remove it. Instead it could live on in such a qtdemos repo.



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