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> On 14/06/2017 14:59, Pasi Keränen wrote:
> > I’m not 100% sure about qtdoc as the repo though. But I can live with it if
> that is what is seen as best option by others.
> There are two kinds of examples:
>    1. Simple examples demonstrating the use of a certain technique.
>       Those usually come with detailed source code documentation.
>    2. Complex examples demonstrating much of the bling that's possible.
>       Those are not source-documented, because writing the docs would be
>       too laborious, and who would want to read them anyway.
> I believe that examples of category 1 should live in the qdoc repository / in
> their respective module repository. Examples of category 2 deserve a
> separate space.
> The "bigger examples" from Frederik's original mail are category 2. In
> Qt4 those were called "demos". There could be a "qtdemos" repo with git-
> lfs.
> In qtwebengine there's this question bobbing up every once in a while what
> to do with the demobrowser example. As an example, it actually needs
> source documentation. But it's too big. There are voices that want to remove
> it. Instead it could live on in such a qtdemos repo.


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