[Development] QtScript (deprecated) vs QJSEngine and reasons why QJSEngine isn't up to scratch

anton antonxx at gmx.de
Sat Jun 17 10:36:00 CEST 2017


to be honest ... I still didn't start full with Qt
(only one QtWidget Application).. so I am no expert.

> application and I have not benchmarked it either. I strongly suspect
> that the lack of debugger will make adoption of QJSEngine far less
> likely for many existing QtScript users other than those who's use cases
> are very trivial. NB I also use WebKit and am looking at the QWebEngine

but if I understood, with QtScript you can create an application with
scripting (macro) support, and even the debugger can be integrated in
your application right?
So if my customer use scripting in the application he can debug it
(so QtScript is what VBA is for Excel).


Actually it seems that you can debug something in QtCreator
with QML (as Ulf responded)
but since in QtCreator the QML designer still ignores the TreeView
control (in Qt 5.8 I think it was partialy somewhere but
in Qt 5.9/QtCreator 4.3.1 its disappeared).

One of my question on the QtCreator blog.qt.io concerning
QML was answered but my second post asking about TreeView
was not published/deleted...

So QML seems for mobile development, and if you want
Desktop applications QtWidget seems the reality
(or can you immagine a file browser like Windows Explorer without Tree View)

.. my thoughts... Qt is nice but some things are not adressed since
some Qt versions and talking about seems "forbidden".

I don't know if I should give Qt a try for the next project
I would really really like, but continuity is important for me
and the QtScript and my "small" TreeView critics make
me rethink it ...


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