[Development] How to run qtbase/tests/auto/network ?

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Mon Apr 23 11:17:35 CEST 2018

Murawski, Jan (23 April 2018 10:11):
> I have build the test and running “make check” fails with:
> ##snip##
> FAIL!  : tst_QHttpNetworkConnection::initTestCase() 'QtNetworkSettings::verifyTestNetworkSettings()' returned FALSE. ()
>   Loc: [.../tests/auto/network/access/qhttpnetworkconnection/tst_qhttpnetworkconnection.cpp(104)]
> ##snip##
> So far I failed to find information on the required setup
> online. Might someone point me at instructions on how to setup the
> required test server(s)? :)

It's tricky.  We have a network test server accessible from TQtC's
internal network; and (IIUC) one or two other developers have managed to
set up matching servers of their own; but it's non-trivial and the test
server in question is out of date and clunky.  Attempts to migrate to an
updated version of it have run into random differences in how tests
behave, just due to the server being more up-to-date, and an attempt to
replace it with a Vagrant ran into the same problems.  It's not pretty.

We do now, however, have a project under way to (incrementally, one test
at a time) migrate to a new system of container-based servers (one per
service or small group of them) so that anyone and everyone (at least,
as long as they're on a platform which has docker) can do their own


In the mean time, if those outside TQtC want network tests run, the best
approach is to put your change on gerrit (as a draft, if you prefer) and
ask one of us that's inside to get Coin to run testing on it - please
say which platforms you want testing on.  Note that, unlike integration
testing, such a test runs on the commit of qtbase that's in the review,
not on the result of cherry-picking it to the branch it's destined for,
so you do need to rebase past any relevant bug-fixes that you know have
gone into the integrated branch.

Sorry we can't (yet) do better, but we are working on fixing that ;-)


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