[Development] QtCoap: QNAM-like API or not

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io
Tue Jan 16 08:40:03 CET 2018

> > They model their Coap client after QNAM and related classes (like
> > QNetworkRequest/Reply pair).
> >
> > As I understand it now - DTLS or not does not affect this API much -
> > they can later
> You don't know that. Until we know how DTLS will work, we won't know if
> there's any impact in the front-end API for CoAP. For example, can you use
> one CoAP server for both encrypted and not encrypted? Multicast and
> unicast?
> What's more, we CANNOT release a full CoAP API until it implements DTLS.
> It's just not acceptable to do so otherwise. Therefore, until there's DTLS, the
> API is Technology Preview and subject to change. So I don't feel we need to
> review it yet. I have not spent any time myself.
[Maurice Kalinowski] 

I guess having it as Technology Preview for a first release is the usual way to go anyways. That way, the API could still be changed afterwards, but also interested parties could get a first impression and suggest adoptions already, even though DTLS is not available yet.

Personally, I do not see those two items (missing DTLS, release TP) conflicting. The only "problem" which might exist, if DTLS takes too long to implement and CoAP would stay for a very long time in TP mode.


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