[Development] Qt Linguist should tell how many strings are in a file

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Wed Jul 18 15:30:14 CEST 2018

It was unfortunately a combination of lokalise.co and my scripts. The owner/opertator/developer of lokalise was very helpful in adjusting his service which apparently supported Qt 3 to Qt4's format. He complained about issues with the XML, which I later also experienced when writing my merge scripts. We used lokalize to get the translations from the translators and all that entails (user management, scope, etc) 

I would expect that Qt would adopt/focus on GNU gettext/PO files in the future?

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> > The closest I got was using some web service that we were able to export from
> > (https://lokalise.co/ ?). Also having a built-in google translate button would be
> > very helpful for the provisional translations.
> So did you use localise.co in the end? If so, how did you organize the data
> Import and export?
> For Qt Linguist itself: Nobody has been working on it lately. It does what it does, 
> but extending it is not in the current development focus. Anyhow,
> if anybody fancies spending some time on it, be welcome to do so 😊
> However, for more complicated setups I'd expect that people would use 
> other tools, probably using lconvert to convert .ts files back and forth 
> between standard formats like XLIFF. But we haven't been advertising
> this much.
> Regards
> Kai

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