[Development] Who is in charge of qt-project.org?

Julius Bullinger julius.bullinger at mvtec.com
Fri Nov 2 14:04:46 CET 2018

Hi Tuukka,

On 02.11.2018 13:44, Tuukka Turunen wrote:
> Exactly. We are very pleased if there are people who start to
> contribute to Qbs. So far it has been very little by others than
> employees of The Qt Company.
> We will continue maintaining Qbs so that it stays supported until end
> of 2019 and also release a new version in April 2019 as promised.
> Most likely Qbs remains usable a long time after support ends - even
> without anyone from the community working on it.
> This is a good opportunity for those interested in further developing
> Qbs to step up and start taking it forward. We can help with the
> reviews and provide the infrastructure. We can help even with new
> releases, if there is enough interest to develop it further.

To be honest, that's not at all what the blog post at 
http://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/10/29/deprecation-of-qbs/ suggests:

     > We have decided to deprecate Qbs and redirect our resources to
     > increase support for CMake.
The keyword here being "deprecate". You're not saying "The Qt Company is 
pulling resources", you're saying "Qbs will go away, don't use it 
anymore" ("you" being TQtC). The first one would be fine, the latter one 
is a clear signal to stay away from it.

If Qbs is independent from TQtC (what the discussion here suggests), 
than TQtC is in no position to _deprecate_ it.

> We probably should have opened the dialogue about the future of Qbs
> during the process of thinking about the options. This would have
> been good and fair towards the community.

I think TQtC has every right to say "we won't be 
supporting/funding/developing Qbs anymore" (as it seems to have happened 
with Qt Widgets IIRC), but announcing its deprecation is a completely 
different beast IMO.

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