[Development] automated bulk change closing old issues in the "Need more info" state

Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Tue Nov 20 08:52:28 CET 2018

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> From: Development <development-bounces+alexander.blasche=qt.io at qt-
> project.org> On Behalf Of Shawn Rutledge
> https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=16028 currently has 169 bugs in that
> state.  Having that many is an obstacle: I don’t suppose this week’s triage team
> is going to get through all of those and make intelligent decisions about them,
> either. If it was only 10, maybe they would.

This filter is limited in scope. It considers only tasks which have been updated within the last 14 days. Naturally this causes bugs to drop out over time. I don't think this is a problem once the automation is enabled.

Note that the level of NMI issues was 2.5k at the end of September before I dropped it to ~700 (nothing older than 1 year since update). This round halfed the number again. The remainder is no older than 20wks. This is was I intend as seed for the automation.

Note that I am on watch on all those issues. People just have to comment with reasonable explanation and I reopen.

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