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Mårten Nordheim marten.nordheim at qt.io
Fri Mar 22 09:48:35 CET 2019

On 21.03.2019 19:10, André Pönitz wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 03:06:18PM +0000, Mikhail Svetkin wrote:
>>> I find it hard to believe that this improves the quality of Qt 5.14 or 5.15.
>>> Effectively you are proposing that we don't have any blocking CI for those two
>>> Qt releases. Otherwise you would have to implement very intrinsic rules when
>>> to block and when not to block. Even seemingly innocent/unrelated doc changes
>>> have been known to break Qt builds.
>> I think maybe it is some kind of misunderstanding here.  The CI will be enable.
>> It will not test CMake.
>> Even CMake won't be tested it will still need to go through the CI.
> There's probably indeed a misunderstanding here, so please clarify:
> I assume that currently changes to the cmake wip branch go into the repo
> directly, i.e.  with a delay in the range of seconds. Is that correct?


> I read the proposal so that after the proposed change it will just be
> staged together with all the other change to Qt base and will be subject
> to the normal restaging cycles as other qtbase changes, i.e. with a delay
> in the range of hours and days.  Is that interpretation correct?

Yes, even if it won't be tested on any of those integrations.

> Andre'
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