[Development] QTCS2019 Notes from QtQml session

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann at qt.io
Wed Nov 27 09:52:19 CET 2019

>> We brainstormed a bit about how a model could declare its items' data
>> type in QML, so that we could statically check model against delegate
>> types. We will need this when compiling QML 3 to C++. We didn't come up
>> with anything really great, though. This needs more work.
> Just something specifically related to models and delegates: having a
>    required property var model
> on the delegate, then using model.foo (just like today), is supposed to 
> be a fully supported measure throughout QML2/3 or just a 
> deprecated-on-birth porting solution towards explicit required 
> properties on the delegate?

That depends on how we do the model/delegate matching mentioned above. 
As stated above, I don't have a solution, yet. If you have an idea, let 
us know. I can imagine generating some C++ from such code that does the 
model/delegate matching at run-time via the metaobject system. That way 
we would support var models.

- Ulf

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