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Am 29.01.20 um 09:57 schrieb Cristián Maureira-Fredes:
> ....
> I really want to believe that the new startup price is the beginning
> of having ad-hoc pricing for everyone, and hopefully in the future
> we can also see "medium-size company prices" or
> "freelancer developer licenses", but such decisions cannot be made
> at the same time.
> Once the new startup pricing is out, the company will analyze if it was
> a good move, and evaluate special future offerings,

the new pricing will only fit to very very small business or single 
developers, so I imagine that there won't be so many licenses sold. 
analyzing this one year later could give the answer "it doesn't work - 
let us stop it".

would be much better to change the limitations (increase max revenue) to 
get a larger amount of new devs using this

also it would be a good idea to have license prices for medium sized 
businesses, so everyone starting with small-biz-license knows what to 
pay if he/she has success and grows with Qt.

I know some features are missing, but over all Qt is such a great 
platform for mobile apps. Since QQC2 you can create cool and performant 
mobile apps. (Looking forward to Qt6/QML3 where all is compiled to C++)

I'm speaking on dev conferences, demonstrating apps at conferences and 
customers, writing articles for magazines. Licensing costs always was 
the barrier for other devs to jump on Qt. Now with $499/year it's much 
better to argument against usw of Xamarin, Flutter, ReactNative....

Hope TQC will adjust definition of small business and also provide 
license for medium business.


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