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Cristián Maureira-Fredes Cristian.Maureira-Fredes at qt.io
Wed Jan 29 14:09:20 CET 2020

On 1/29/20 2:01 PM, Andras Mantia via Development wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wednesday, January 29, 2020 2:25:40 PM EET Cristián Maureira-Fredes wrote:
>> This is nothing new Giuseppe,
>> people actively using Qt will have Qt accounts because they either
>> use our JIRA, and also Gerrit, son for those people, this should not
>> make such impact on the usage of the Qt account.
> I think Mathias' point was that for *new* developers you will raise the
> barrier. If someone wants to try Qt a mandatory registration is something that
> can scare them away.  People starting to get fed up with such registrations
> everywhere, especially before they can realize if they need that tool or not.
>   Existing users probably have an account anyway, for them it is just extra
> annoyance to remember the password (which is not the case for jira, gerrit,
> etc. as the browsers do that) and *might* cause problems for CI systems.
> Andras
> PS: This is my private opinion, not the opinion of my employer.

Hello Andras,

thanks for clarifying, it might be the case,
but since he also mentioned expert developers,
I answered to that reference.

In any case,
new Qt developers will be able to get the Qt that
their OS provide, for Linux is straightforward,
but for Windows/macOS this might have three solutions (maybe more):
- Using package managers that provide Qt,
- Download and compile Qt by themselves,
- Create an account and use the installer.

Good thing that you replied in any case,
because I really think we should separate the different use cases:

- For people already using Qt, with Qt accounts,
that's not a problem.
- For new users, I listed the options before.

Do you have extra types of users that will be affected by this decision?
I really want to gather this input, so we can really analyse the pros
and cons exposed on this discussion.


PS: Yeah, I guess everyone here is expressing their personal opinion,
and not the employer one.

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