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Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Tue Mar 10 20:33:03 CET 2020

10.03.2020, 22:26, "Matthew Woehlke" <mwoehlke.floss at gmail.com>:
> On 10/03/2020 12.19, Cristián Maureira-Fredes wrote:
>>  On 3/10/20 3:40 PM, Cristian Adam wrote:
>>>  What stops us from accepting the contributions via GitHub?
>>>  Is it:
>>>   1. The CLA
>>>   2. Qt Account
>>>  For the CLA one can simply add an instance of:
>>>  https://github.com/cla-assistant/cla-assistant
>>  I think that's a good idea,
>>  in the past I was told that even a written consent accepting
>>  the CLA was enough (please correct me if I'm wrong),
>>  so if we can also include it on the Github
>>  mirror, that will allow us to get more contributions.
>>  The only thing I wonder is CI,
>>  what do you think could be a good workflow?
> In an ideal world...
> - Alice opens a pull request on GitHub.
> - A bot sees the PR and opens a corresponding request on Gerrit.
> - Bob comments on the Gerrit request.
> - A bot sees Bob's comment and replicates it to the GitHub PR.
> - Alice replies (on GitHub) to Bob's comment.
> - A bot sees Alice's comment and replicates it to Gerrit.
> ...and so on.

Then Bob asks Alice to make a change in commit, and she has to make
push -f in her branch. After that, review comments on GitHub are smashed,
while remain perfectly readable in Gerrit, and Bob can see difference
between patch versions while Alice cannot.

> I'm not sure to what extent this is actually plausible, but it would
> seem to solve CI nicely, and would also mean that maintainers don't need
> to look in multiple places.
> Note that I believe nothing needs to be done to "merge" the GitHub PR;
> if the commits become reachable from the target branch, it should
> automatically get marked as "merged".
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