[Development] Changes to Freenode's IRC

Andy Nichols Andy.Nichols at qt.io
Thu May 20 15:14:34 CEST 2021

>> I did notice that the Godot (open source Game
>> engine) community have recently officially moved there development 
>> chat to Discord from Freenode (IRC) and The server is very active and vibrant.

> I believe only their development and contribution channel was /moved/, and they use a platform based on Rocket.Chat for that.

Indeed, it seems you are correct 😊  They even have a nice explainer when you open up the Godot Rocket.Chat:

We've been using IRC to discuss engine development for several years, but despite being a tried and trusted open source technology with bazillion clients for all platforms, it is lacking in modern features such as being able to have persistent login (to see what was discussed while you were offline), good moderation features, easy-to-setup private channels and group discussions, and support for Markdown or easily uploading images.

As a community-driven open source project, it is important for us to use and promote open source technology where we can, so we chose to deploy our own instance of Rocket.Chat for this purpose. We also considered other open source team chat options such as Matrix and Mattermost, but Rocket.Chat proved to be the best candidate for our needs in our evaluation.

(and even a link to this super relevant XKCD: https://xkcd.com/1782/ )

So maybe we should consider doing this same 😉

Andy Nichols

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