[Development] Proposal: let's change the release schedules a bit

Ivan Solovev ivan.solovev at qt.io
Mon Dec 5 14:42:04 CET 2022

Hi Jani,

I'm not sure that I understand your proposal.
Currently we have FF on the 9th of December, and the release in March. So, it's roughly 3 months between FF and release.

Now you propose to shift FF to January (I assume, also around 10th ), and the release to April. That gives the same 3 months between FF and release.

Am I missing anything?

Also, as a developer, I personally find it good that we have FF before the holidays. Because having it right after the holidays would anyway mean that I need to have everything ready before the holidays. But I'll just have less time for that.
I can imagine that the Release Team has different opinion, though.

Best regards,
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I am proposing a change to the our release "frame":

Currently we are releasing new Qt minor releases in March and in September. This is working quite well, but it is forcing us to have a Feature Freeze always before holidays and that's lengthening the calendar time needed between the feature freeze and the final release.

But if we would release minor releases in April and October, that would allow us to move FF also after the holidays: So FF for April release would be in January and FF for October release would be in August.

Any opinions or objections?

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