[Interest] Qt Binaries for Mingw 4.7

Konrad Rosenbaum konrad at silmor.de
Thu Jul 19 10:07:13 CEST 2012


I'm using features of C++11 (provided by GCC 4.7, and maybe LLVM 3.1) in my 
projects, which is fine for Linux, but there are some problems on Windows. 
Moving back to an earlier GCC is not an option - I'd rather drop Windows-
Support (I've already dropped Mac for the same reason).

If I use the official Qt 4.8.2 binary package for Mingw 4.4 the application 
crashes immediately on start when it is trying to initialize itself. I presume 
a Qt compiled with Mingw4.4 is incompatible with a project compiled with Mingw 
4.7 - is this correct?

I'm also trying to compile Qt myself - after several days it is still in the 
middle of compiling the Webkit module. I know compiling on windows is slow - 
but this bad? Windows runs in a VirtualBox VM, Guest Utils are installed, the 
sources and Mingw are in a shared folder. I would try to move everything to a 
virtual hard disk next - does anyone know whether this would help?

Any hints on how I could solve my dilemma?

Does anyone provide a complete binary package for Qt 4.8.2 compiled with 

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